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Timing the production and sale of electronic drain

Timing the production and sale of electronic drain
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The professional coil manufacturer, the appearance of the product to absolute force. Quality Class H magnetic wire system. Coil

Technical Data                     TimerInterval 0.5 minutes -45 minutes adjustableDischarge time of 0.5 seconds to 10 seconds adjustableManual test buttonSupply Voltage 24V-220V-380V AC and DCConsumption current maximum 4MAAn ambient temperature of -40 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees CelsiusProtection class IP65 NEMA4The shell material retardant ABS plasticElectrical connection DIN43650A ISO 4400/6952Green Indicates open valve red indicator off valve                       Solenoid valveType 2/2 direct acting valveIn / out interface 1/2 internal threadWorking pressure 1.6MPA 4.0MPA 8.0MPAAmbient temperature of 2 degrees Celsius / 55 degrees CelsiusMedium temperature of 90 degrees CelsiusBody forged brass, diameter 4.5MM (high pressure 2.0MM)Insulation class Thermal Class H (200 degrees Celsius)Protection class IP65Supply voltage 24VDC 220VAC 380VAC with the correct use of the coilVoltage range of plus or minus 10Installed in any positionElectronic drain valve installation                           ValveMounting electronic drain valve should be noted that the valve element on the direction of the arrow should be consistent with the direction of flow of the condensed water. The electronic drainage valve can be installed in any position at the outlet of the valve should be placed in a container to collect the condensed water can also be placed in the tube to achieve purpose, but be careful not to use the hose to fight the valve opens.                            Timer electrical connectionThen the wires must be used outside diameter 8MM three core sheathed cable. Unscrew the screws at the top of the junction box, unplug the junction box on the timer with a the test pencil head singled out the inner core of the junction box wiring, pay attention to the location of the grounding line. Wiring is completed, be sure to screw immediately box at the top of the screw and lug locking nut size and weightRPT-16 OPT-A MIC-A: 112 * 48 * 90MMRPT-16B OPT-B MIC-B: 122 * 93 * 97MMWeight: 500GWARNING!Electronic drain valve should be installed to ensure that the matters are:- Compressed air must be emptied. (Zero pressure)- The power supply should be cut off.Setting the timerSet the interval time, with the right end of the knob to the left end of the knob to set the emission time.The set time should be carried out with step: the discharge time set to 2 seconds, the time interval is set to 20 minutes, and then need to be adjusted.MaintenanceElectronic drain valve maintenance-free ball valve strainer as the condensed water cleanliness regular cleaning., If any, the zero partial damage can be purchased from your supplier.Every time you check the compressed air system, the way to take over the manual test button on the timer TEST check electronic drain valve working conditions.The steps are as follows:1) Close the isolation ball valve, press the test button to ensure that the electronic drain valve has been isolated from the compressed air system (zero pressure)2) Turn off the drain valve power.3) remove the coil (before you remove the coil, electronic drain valve must be powered off, otherwise the energized coil out of the valve body will burn), disassemble the solenoid valve, remove the valve core and spring water flush valve body and spool and spring, re-installed, the failure can be ruled out. In the process of using electronic drain valve should note the following:One before installing the drain valve, should be preferred to remove the sludge in the compressed air system, copper shavings, rust recommend emptying the full reduction system for 3-5 minutes, then drain valve installed.Two drainage direction and the valve on the direction of the arrow.Three supply voltage should be consistent with the drain valve voltage (marked on the coil drain valve voltage) Do not pick the wrong power supply.The Quad Timer TEST membrane switch is a manual test button, and each press time, the drain valve discharge time this button is used in day-to-day work at any time to inspect the drainage conditions.Five two timer knob is to adjust the emissions and interval, the user should be timely adjusted according to the climate and conditions.Small screws on the six-drain valve junction box in addition to connecting role, more compress the gasket to prevent water from entering the timer and coil, so be sure to tighten. Otherwise not have waterproof seal, causing the coil and timer burned locking lug nut the same starting waterproof, be sure to tighten.Seven electronic drain valve is in use, may be solenoid valve closed lax performance to always leaks. Usually the fault is not a drainage valve itself, due to the quality, the reason is dirty condensate, wherein the small solid particles into the spool, the spool is stuck

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